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The business doctor of Beijing East Zenith law office is distinctive, which is known for its initiative, accuracy, timeliness and practicality. In space, ,the team of legal adviser divided the traditional legal consultant service into five common modules, such as labor relations management,business contract management, corporate governance and management, intellectual property management and accounts receivable management. At the same time, the lawyers who have expert knowledge are responsible for providing services to enterprises.So different enterprises can choose different service modules according to their different needs to cost savings.In time, our team has changed the passive service model to the active service model that adopted “lawyer's due diligence - make risk report - put forward a solution”, instead of “enterprise find problems - contact lawyer - lawyer solve the problem ".

Under the current market and legal environment, many medium-sized enterprises can benefit from our legal products of business doctor. For example,we began to serve a construction enterprise in 2016. At the construction industry depression , the employer has been defaulted to 40% of the construction payment that had been completed for many years.Besides that,If they undertake new constructions, they would need to pay large sums of money.In these cases, the enterprise has been spent more than they earned that have brought their to the brink of ruin. After the lawyer's intervention, we were determined in tow directions that the business contract management and the accounts receivable management by analyzing and diagnosing problems of the enterprises from the above five aspects. Firstly, we sent lawyers who were good at construction of the litigation and arbitration were sorted out business contracts that had been signed, and Revised the unreasonable standard terms. Secondly, we have made collection plan that according to the accounts receivable amount, difficulty and expense of the collection,and whether litigation had adverse effects on existing businesses. For different situations, we were adopted methods that lawyer's letter, negotiation, litigation, arbitration and enforcement.After a year of our system service, the financial situation of the construction enterprise had been greatly improved. And the construction enterprise has been conformed listing requirements in every aspect.At present, we are actively preparing for the listing of the small and medium board in 2020. Another example, we began to serve a group company in 2014 ,who their business was very extensive, including oil production, sales, import and export, brand agency and so on. Similarly, we were still analyzed and diagnosed the five common modules after the lawyer's intervention.Then our lawyers who had a lot of relevant experience were direct docking various business leaders. This not only greatly improved the efficiency of the company, but also steadily expanded on the original basis. And now they have a large share of the domestic oil market in the northern region.There are far more examples that our business consultant products are used by many enterprises.In the future, we will enable us to keep making progress and benefiting more enterprises.

Furthermore, the team of our litigation and arbitration can provide strong intelligence support for legal adviser team. We believe that the team who has experienced a lot of litigation and arbitration to providing long and effective business doctor by our sensitive smell of risk .